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We manufacture precision built long bell x bell plastic couplings which come in sizes of 1 1/4 inch through 5 inch.

Bell (spigot) reducers and bell x bell reducer couplings are available.

Plastic Back Wash Valve

Plastic Back Wash Valves are used for washing or jetting screens into position. Flotation closes this precision-designed ball valve when fluid circulation is stopped. Wash-down valves are available separately or as a part of factory installation.

Plastic Self-Sealing Packer

Plastic Self-Sealing Packer for installation above the well screen. Requires no swedging or expanding in order to set packer against casing. The neophrene insulates the screen from the casing. Available on right and left hand couplings or factory installed on top of screens. Loose packer kits available for on-sight installation. These are obtainable in a full range of sizes.

Full Range of Plastic Points, Plugs, Caps and Fittings


Factory Made Male Pipe Threads are Available on Screen and Nipples


Call 1-800-874-8685 for your custom screen needs

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