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About Our Company

Our Past Says a Lot About Our Future!


For over 60 years, Johnson Well Equipment has been associated with the water well industry, developing methods and equipment to deliver a purer, safer product at the turn of the tap.

At first merely diversified - producing a range of well screens, including gauze, stainless steel rib and stainless cage type - we soon became innovative, experimenting with plastics and proving that polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is superior to conventional wire screen by most acids, alkalis, and salt. Plastics allow no possibility for galvanic or electrolytic corrosion; no taste or odors can be imparted to water filtered through our screen. And plastic is light in weight and unsurpassed in strength-to-weight ratio.

It was out of necessity that our increasingly qualified-minded company next began making the machinery that makes our products. No one was manufacturing machinery that met our quality control standards when we first determined that plastic was the answer to many of the problems encountered daily in the well-drilling industry. As a result, today our manufacturing plant is equipped with some of the most advanced and precise machinery in the industry. We at Johnson Well Equipment have determined that quality and integrity will not be compromised. In material selection and manufacturing procedures, we adhere to the highest quality control standards. We are equally proud of our people, whose pride, innovation, and years of experience, have made it possible for our products to be the envy of the industry. We will continue to move forward into the future with changes and new ideas to make your down hole operations as safe, worry free, and profitable as possible.

Today, the demand for Johnson Well Equipment is booming. We serve the demands of energy exploration and uranium mining, provide protection for pumping equipment in industry, and continue to meet the traditional demands in agricultural irrigation and for residential wells.

Even though we have grown and are still growing, we continue to conduct our business in the manner that we always have -- as a service to our friends. If you have problems or require special applications in drilling equipment, call on us, and we will make available to you our experience and resources.

P.O. Box 3364, Pensacola, FL 32516
Toll Free 1-800-874-8685 / 850-453-3131
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