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Our Rib Type screen offers the advantage of a perforated pipe base for strength with a continuous plastic wire wrapping which provides a high open area.
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Flow Channels

Vertical channels formed by longitudinal ribs to elevate the wrapping above the pipe surface. These flow channels assure an unobstructed flow of water to all perforations, insure screen efficiency, help control flow velocity and minimize drawdown and pumping costs.

Keystone Shaped Wire

Provides greater reduction in flow friction, and has a
self-cleaning action - particles small enough to enter
the spaces between wraps have no further point of contact or place to lodge and are washed through. Screen remains open even under adverse mud or sand conditions.

Consistent Slot Accuracy

Accuracy of the slot opening is precision controlled during manufacturing. The wire is bonded at each crossing of longitudinal ribs to assure consistent accuracy. Slot sizes from .004 inch upwards are available.


Pipe base is standard SDR- Sch 40-Sch 80 and will accept standard glued fittings. Threads and bottom plugs are available. Round holes are drilled to provide required inlet area.


All diameters from 1 1/4" through 12" and from 30" to 120" are available. All standard screens are shipped with plain ends but threads and a complete line of bottom plugs and points are available.

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