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Box 3364<BR> Pensacola, FL 32516<BR> 1-800-874-8685<BR> 1-850-453-3131<BR> </ADDRESS></TD></TR> </BODY> </HTML> <TR> <TD align="right" valign= "center"><A HREF="JWE_PRODUCT_menu_1.html" onMouseOver = "imgOn ('img6')" onMouseOut = "imgOff ('img6')"> <IMG alt="Back" IMG NAME= "img6" border=0 HEIGHT=40 WIDTH=40 SRC="JWE_HOME_delta_lft_off.gif"></A></TD> <TD align="center" valign= "center"><A HREF="index.html" onMouseOver = "imgOn ('img7')" onMouseOut = "imgOff ('img7')"> <IMG alt="Go to Home Page" IMG NAME= "img7" border=0 HEIGHT=40 WIDTH=90 SRC="JWE_HOME_off.gif"></A></TD> <TD align="left" valign= "center"><A HREF="index.html" onMouseOver = "imgOn ('img8')" onMouseOut = "imgOff ('img8')"> <IMG alt="Forward" IMG NAME= "img8" border=0 HEIGHT=40 WIDTH=40 SRC="JWE_HOME_delta_rt_off.gif"></A></TD> <TD></TD> <TD width=55%></TD> <TD></TD> <TD></TD> <TD></TD></TR> <TR> <TD align=center valign= "center" colspan=3><ADDRESS><A HREF= "mailto:flintzone@highstream.net" onMouseOver = "imgOn ('img1')" onMouseOut = "imgOff ('img1')"> <IMG alt="Contact via E-Mail" IMG NAME= "img1" border=0 HEIGHT=60 WIDTH=126 SRC="ARTWORKS_but_fish_off.jpg"></A></TD> <TD></TD> <TD></TD> <TD align=right><IMG alt="JOHNSON WELL EQUIPMENT LOGO" src="JWE_ENTER_logo.jpg"></TD></TR> </TBODY></TABLE> <CENTER> <TABLE HEIGHT=5% bgColor=#000066 border=3 width="100%"> <TBODY> <TR> <TR bgColor=#33ffff> <TD align=middle><FONT color=#ff0000 face=ARIAL, size=+2><B><A HREF = "JWE_MISSION_1.html">MISSION</A></B></FONT></TD> <TD align=middle><FONT color=#ff0000 face=ARIAL, size=+2><B><A HREF = "JWE_APPLICATIONS_1.html">APPLICATIONS</A></B></FONT></TD> <TD align=middle><FONT color=#ff0000 face=ARIAL, size=+2><B><A HREF = "JWE_PRODUCT_menu_1.html">PRODUCTS</A></B></FONT></TD> <TD align=middle bgcolor=#0099FF><FONT color=#ff0000 face=ARIAL, size=+2><B><A HREF = JWE_CONTACT_1.html>CONTACT</A><B></FONT></B></B></TD></TR></CENTER></TBODY></TABLE></BODY></HTML>